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Press Release


April 2, 2000







New York, New York, April 2, 2000                 Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc. announced today that Telephonics Corporation, a major electronics defense manufacturer, have decided to award PENTAGON 2000 a contract to supply an ERP system for their operation headquartered in Farmingdale, New York.

Pentagon 2000 has been awarded this contract for it's system powerful and versatile functionality, broad based customer base, support services and the system's user friendly interface.


About Telephonics Corporation

Entering the electronics industry in 1933 Telephonics became a broad based, advanced technologies company. Today, Telephonics continues to make strides in expanding its business base by applying the technical know-how of its original defense communication and radar technologies to other electronic systems and products for a wide range of commercial and international customers.

Solidly based on electronic systems for essential defense programs that are funded well into the next century, Telephonics demonstrates technical excellence by satisfying new requirements in defense, commercial, and international markets with innovative solutions - from complex electronic systems down to mixed signal ASICs. Total customer satisfaction is our quality benchmark, and towards that end ISO 9001 has been extended within Telephonics to cover all operations.

Telephonics Corporation has three site locations: the main headquarters in Farmingdale, NY, situated adjacent to Republic Airport; a nearby manufacturing site in Huntington, NY; and a product support and light manufacturing facility in Gardena, CA. Combined, Telephonics has 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, product support, engineering and administrative facilities. With over $140M+ in annual revenue and 1,000 committed employees, Telephonics Corporation is experiencing unprecedented growth in domestic and international business.



About Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc.

Pentagon 2000 Software is a global leader in the development and marketing of fully integrated, industrial strength software products for the aerospace and defense industries. We provide software products that are high performance and user intuitive; software that increases the productivity of our customers in the highly competitive environments in which they operate. 


The Pentagon 2000 Software product line includes integrated modules covering E-Commerce, Inventory Management, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Rotables Exchange Management, Work Orders, Aircraft Heavy Maintenance (A/B/C/D Checks), Aircraft Modification, Flight Operations, Maintenance Tracking, Employee & Crew Training, Document Imaging and Multimedia, special inventory management (such as lot purchases and consignments), Manufacturing, Engine Overhaul and Tear Down operations.




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