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March 29, 2001








New York, New York, March 29, 2001 Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc., a leading global supplier of ERP systems to the Aerospace & Defense industries, today announced the release of Pentagon 2000SQL/Mobil, the first enterprise offering for the Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC platform for the Aerospace & Defense Industry. The offering will support the Pocket PC as the exclusive PDA platform. In response to a growing demand from enterprise customers for wireless access to secure corporate databases in real time while away from their desks, Pentagon 2000 will optimize the Pentagon2000SQL line of products and applications for the highly mobile Pocket PC platform. This will enable a wide range of mobile access scenarios, including order entry, inventory management, Aircraft Maintenance Checks, Work Orders and Shop-Floor management, direct procurement and materials management, and customer management information, allowing enterprises to provide better customer service and increase operational efficiencies from anywhere.

For example, a sales representative on a customer call could use a wireless enabled Pocket PC to access real-time order status and inventory levels and open issues, as well as, resolve problems and input orders, all while on site with the customer. A mechanic or inspector can record all discrepancies and corrective actions on an aircraft directly on his Pocket PC in real-time without having the need to go back to his desk and re-enter the data.

A recent survey of high-level IT executives found that "60 percent of respondents plan to add handheld computers to their corporate standards list within the next 12 months."

Pentagon 2000 has a track record of embracing new technologies to address its customers' needs. It will be exciting to see the Pentagon 2000 powerful and rich applications deployed on the Pocket PC platform and to see how they will bring value to our customers.


About Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc.

Pentagon 2000 Software is a global leader in the development and marketing of fully integrated, industrial strength software products for the Aerospace and Defense Industries. Pentagon 2000 software provides products that are high performance and user intuitive; software that increases the productivity of its customers in the highly competitive environments in which they operate.


The Pentagon 2000 Software's product line includes integrated modules covering E-Commerce, Inventory Management, Sales and Marketing, Purchasing, Accounting, Rotables Exchange Management, Work Orders, Aircraft Heavy Maintenance (A/B/C/D Checks), Aircraft Modification, Flight Operations, Maintenance Tracking, Employee & Crew Training, Document Imaging and Multimedia, Special Inventory Management (such as Lot Purchases and Consignments), Manufacturing and Engine Overhaul & Tear Down operations.




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