August 30, 2002




The NORDAM Group

The NORDAM Group ( is the world’s largest privately held FAA-approved Repair Station for composite, aircraft structures.  The Company is recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture, repair and overhaul of aircraft bonded-honeycomb and all composite components, fan/thrust reversers, nacelles engine components, interiors and aircraft transparencies. The NORDAM Group's diverse and impressive customer base includes commercial carriers; OEMs for commercial, regional, corporate and general aircraft; powerplant manufacturers; U.S. and foreign military services; and aircraft maintenance facility operators.


The NORDAM Group’s Repair Division utilizes Pentagon 2000SQL to provide 24 hour, global support for all spare parts sales, procurement, exchanges, warehousing, inventory control and accounting activities.  Plans are being developed for implementing Pentagon 2000SQL in other NORDAM Group U.S. divisions, as well as at European and Asian locations.




HEICO Corporation

HEICO Corporation’s ( Flight Support Group has fully implemented Pentagon 2000SQL at its Northwings facility located in Miami.  Northwings excels in large volume jet engine and aircraft accessories and composites repair and overhaul.  The entire operation, including accounting and financial reporting, runs on Pentagon 2000SQL.  HEICO Flight Support Group is planning to expand implementation of Pentagon 2000SQL. 





Headquartered in Munich, with operating units worldwide, ACG ( is a leading, independent component supplier in the global markets for smart cards and semiconductors.  ACG’s Technology Services Division is currently implementing Pentagon 2000SQL to support hundreds of users in multiple locations on four continents.


Pentagon 2000SQL is ACG Technology Services Division’s single, integrated enterprise system for managing every aspect of its semiconductor sales, procurement and third-party excess inventory management activity.  Pentagon 2000SQL fully supports all operations in a pure multiple subsidiary, multiple currency, multiple language environment.




All Nippon Airways Trading Corp. USA (ANATU)


ANATU ( is the Los Angeles based aircraft part procurement, sales and repair arm of All Nippon Airways (ANA).  ANATU plays a vital role in supporting ANA’s 170 aircrafts, composed of the A320, B767, B747, B737 and B777.  ANATU also markets ANA's surplus material through extensive customer and airline channels to reduce inventory and generate profit.  ANATU also provides a variety of administrative services related to the overhaul and repair of ANA's aircraft components such as engines and avionics.


ANATU has licensed and installed Pentagon 2000SQL for managing all aircraft part procurement, sales and repair activities.