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Limco Airepair, Inc. Selects PENTAGON 2000SQL as its Enterprise Solution

New York, New York, February 24, 2004 PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc. announced today that Limco Airepair, Inc.. has begun implementation of PENTAGON 2000SQL as its single, fully integrated solution for management of all aerospace manufacturing, repair, overhaul, sales, procurement, inventory control, rotable exchange management and accounting activities.

After a lengthy evaluation of all specialized aviation and MRO software systems, Limco Airepair determined that only PENTAGON 2000SQL provides the broad range of functionality and robust architecture to reliably support Limco’s complex operations. Limco Airepair will run the powerful PENTAGON 2000SQL version 7.3 in the popular Microsoft SQL Server 2000 environment.

Shaul Menhcem, President of Limco Airepair, commented, “Our operations, manufacturing, repair and overhaul required an advanced software system to match our complex needs. Only the Pentagon 2000SQL ERP system satisfied all our requirements on the operations side as well as the financials side, in terms of functionality, integration and scalability. We are very satisfied with our selection and are looking forward to the final implementation of the system”.

About Limco Airepair, Inc.
Limco Airepair, Inc. is a market leader in aerospace heat transfer products, serving customers as both an after market repair station and OEM. Limco’s repair services extend to components of other manufactures, providing a full range of capabilities for the commercial, military, regional and general aviation markets.

Limco Airepair, Inc. was formed in January 1995 with the merger of three aerospace industry leaders; Limco Manufacturing Corp., Airepair International and Aeroduct International. Each company came with the expertise that together, resulted in a corporation capable of providing and supporting a full range of products including aerospace heat transfer equipment, pneumatic ducting equipment, demineralizer water / water glycol purification systems and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas reclaiming equipment.

About PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc.
PENTAGON 2000 Software Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise software systems in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics industries. PENTAGON 2000 develops, licenses and supports PENTAGON 2000SQL, a state of the art, fully integrated software systems that conforms to the unique business processes, quality assurance systems and regulatory requirements found in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industries. PENTAGON 2000SQL is the leading, integrated solution for enterprises and functional units engaged in the following operations and activities:

   Parts Distribution and Brokerage,
   Repair and Overhaul of Complex Equipment,
   Logistics Supply,
   Heavy Aircraft Maintenance and Depot Maintenance,
   PMA, Build-to-Print and Discrete Manufacturing of Technical Products,
   Government Contracting,
   Commercial and Military Air Fleet Operation,
   Fixed Base Operations,

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