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Dynamic Aviation Implements the PENTAGON 2000SQL Total Aviation Solution

New York, New York, July 1, 2004 PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc. announced today that Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc. of Bridgewater, VA has completed implementation of PENTAGON 2000SQL as its enterprise software solution. Dynamic Aviation uses PENTAGON 2000SQL for fully integrated management and control of materials, aircraft heavy maintenance & modification and record keeping, as well as engine and accessory repair and overhaul, on its fleet of over 120 Beechcraft King Air and large inventory of Pratt & Whitney PT-6 series engines. Additionally, Dynamic Aviation integrates all parts and engine sales, accounting and contract activities in PENTAGON 2000SQL.

Dynamic Aviation selected PENTAGON 2000SQL in May, 2003 following a comprehensive survey of general and aviation-specific enterprise solutions. Dynamic Aviation determined that PENTAGON 2000SQL provided the broadest range of functionality that would reliably and economically meet its needs. Of further importance to Dynamic Aviation, has been PENTAGON 2000 Software’s ability to provide operations process analysis and improvement as an organic element in the software solution implementation process.

About Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc. (
Dynamic Aviation is a leading provider of aerial platforms for Airborne Data Acquisition, Fire Management, Aerial Application Services and Sterile Insect Release to federal, state and local governments; non-profit research organizations and private corporations, worldwide. Dynamic Aviation's corporate offices, operational headquarters, heavy maintenance and modification center are located at its privately owned airport in Bridgewater, Virginia - approximately 100 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. Dynamic Aviation also operates offices, storage and maintenance facilities in California, Florida, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and at six other seasonal locations. The company employs more than 120 aviation-related professionals and owns one of the world's largest BE-90 and BE-200 parts inventories.

About PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc.
PENTAGON 2000 Software Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise software systems in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics industries. PENTAGON 2000 develops, licenses and supports PENTAGON 2000SQL, a state of the art, fully integrated software system that conforms to the unique business processes, quality assurance systems and regulatory requirements found in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industries. PENTAGON 2000SQL is the leading, integrated solution for enterprises and functional units engaged in the following operations and activities:

   Parts Distribution and Brokerage,
   Repair and Overhaul of Complex Equipment,
   Logistics Supply,
   Heavy Aircraft Maintenance and Depot Maintenance,
   PMA, Build-to-Print and Discrete Manufacturing of Technical Products,
   Government Contracting,
   Commercial and Military Air Fleet Operation,
   Fixed Base Operations,

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