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Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd. selects PENTAGON 2000SQL to maintain their aircraft fleet, flight operations and logistics.

New York, NY, September 20, 2010--Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd., an airline and charter organization announced they have selected Pentagon2000SQL to assist with their flight operations management and related operations. Aero will use Pentagon2000SQL for fully-integrated logistics management of all of their flights, as well as related record keeping and tracking of employee certifications and training. Pentagon2000SQL will provide Aero with the support that is necessary to sustain their aircraft fleet in a safe, reliable and fully mission capable condition while assisting with detailed scheduling operations.

Aero determined that only Pentagon2000SQL provided the broadest range of functionality to meet the unique requirements of their operations both reliably and economically. It was further determined that Pentagon 2000SQL was the best option to meet the needs of a project of this size and scope.

“Pentagon2000SQL was chosen after a thorough proving process for its unparalleled flight operations and logistics tracking designed to simplify our daily operations and increase efficiency. We have found that Pentagon is the best available solution and will also provide us with an intuitive interface and a central location for our flight data, which will be of immense benefit to us,” said Rod Legassick, Head of the Flight Dept. for Aero. “We look forward to utilizing the knowledge of Pentagon’s extensive team of developers and experienced support staff to help us advance not only our technology, but our business prospects as well.”

Gabriel Mofaz, Pentagon 2000 Software President, stated, “Aero offers extensive service to their region and is a premier example of a quality airline. We are pleased to provide them with a system that will address all of their needs, boost efficiency, and in-turn offer their customers increased savings.”

About Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd  (
Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria is a well respected aviation service provider and is uniquely placed in the Nigerian market to offer both rotary and fixed wing services to the highest international standards of safety. Headquartered in Lagos, Aero operates a combined fleet of around 20 helicopters and 15 fixed wing aircraft ranging from 50 seat Dash 8 to 144 seat Boeing 737-400, employing about 1,000 personnel. Aero offers helicopter service solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry in the West African sub-region, providing the highest standards as required by multi-national oil companies. Aero have received many accolades for scheduled operations, consistently offering the most reliable services and best value fares whilst introducing new initiatives into the local market to empower more people to fly more often.

About PENTAGON 2000 Software, Inc.   (
PENTAGON 2000 Software Inc. is a leading supplier of enterprise software systems in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics industries. PENTAGON 2000 develops, licenses and supports PENTAGON 2000SQL, a state of the art, fully integrated software system that conforms to the unique business processes, quality assurance systems and regulatory requirements found in the Aerospace, Defense and Electronics Industries. PENTAGON 2000SQL is the leading, integrated solution for enterprises and functional units engaged in the following operations and activities:

   Parts Distribution and Brokerage
   Repair and Overhaul of Complex Equipment ( MRO)
   Logistics Supply & Supply Chain Management
   Heavy Aircraft Maintenance and Depot Maintenance
   PMA, Build-to-Print and Discrete Manufacturing of Technical Products
   Government Contracting
   Commercial and Military Air Fleet Operation
   Fixed Base Operations

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