Modules List



Capacity for unlimited parts / 30 character part numbers
Built-in lifetime part revision control and full lifetime traceability
Part Control by Serial Number/Lot/SN & Lot/Condition/Category/Type/Mfc./X-Ref/Location/“Ownership”
Powerful PN search by multiple, user controlled options and filters
On-Screen, lifetime history of all Part / Lot Transactions
Unlimited, rules-based PN alternates / XRefs with interchangeability coding
Unlimited Physical and Virtual Warehouses, plus unlimited bins & locations
Lifetime actual cost tracking by Part / Lot
Instant location of inventory; Speedy Lot / Bin / Warehouse transfers
Conduct all Quote / RFQ / Sales / Purchase transactions in single screen 
Manage transactions by Barcode – Print / Scan Bar-coded labels
Track Min - Max pricing / Build price tables by Part / Customer / Vendor
Multiple user defined description fields and unlimited notes by part
Fully integrated Bills Of Material with unlimited levels
Specific Identification costing plus average & standard cost / LIFO / FIFO
Warranty / shelf life tracking
Import PN data from manufacturer’s parts catalogues / on-line sources
Fully integrated documentation Imaging / Video / Audio
Documentation configuration management / engineering library control
E-Commerce and Web enabled
Integrated ERP / MRP reporting / graphical trend analysis

Customer Quotation – Sales-Marketing

Complete “brokered” and “from stock” sales management; quotes through shipping and RMAs
Comprehensive customer profile
Electronic import / EDI of customer quote & order
Full transaction cycle audit history, including change tracking, transaction approval procedures
Line level qty / price breakdown
Shoot RFQ(s) from customer quote
Link Quote / Order lines to multiple RFQs / POs (bi-directional & one-to-many relationships)
Email / Fax / EDI quotes & sales orders
Total quote / order management in a single screen
On-line quote / sales order expediting & history
Selective quote to sales order conversion
Drill down / up / across to all supporting / resulting data – complete transaction trail view
Full process and documentation support of ISO 9000 and other QA systems
Unlimited customer Bill-To / Ship-To / Pay-To addresses
Complete salesperson commission management
Consolidate multiple orders into single invoice
Transactions / valuations in multiple currencies
Accommodates local tax regulations
Multi-Language Documents – Quotation / Sales Order / Pick Ticket / Packing Slip / COC / Invoice / RMA
Numerous user-defined print options – unlimited line / document messages
Sales warranty management
Comprehensive marketing & sales analysis and reporting
E-Commerce and Web enabled

Vendor RFQ – Purchasing

Complete procurement management, RFQ through receiving and claims
Comprehensive vendor profile, including vendor performance tracking
Shoot RFQ(s) from customer inquiry
Industry leading part sourcing algorithm with massive RFQ broadcast
On-line OEM and parts catalogues
Line level quantity / price breakdown
Reserve RFQ / Purchase Order lines for Quote / Sales Order
Cross consolidation (one to many) on RFQs and Purchase Orders
Email / Fax/ EDI RFQs and Purchase Orders
On-line RFQ / Purchase Order expediting & history
Selective RFQ to PO conversion
Drill down / up / across to all supporting / resulting data
Full transaction cycle audit history, including change tracking and transaction approval procedures
Full process and documentation support of ISO 9000 and other QA systems
Unlimited Pay-to, Ship-to addresses
Transactions / valuations in multiple currencies
Accommodates local tax regulations
Multi-language documents – quote / purchase order / receiver / inspection report / claim
Numerous user-defined print options – unlimited line / document messages
Parts warranty tracking
Comprehensive procurement analysis and reporting

Shipping and Invoicing

Pick tickets
Packing slips
COC (Certificate Of Conformance)
Real-time inventory updates
Multiple order consolidation to one invoice
Allow pick & ship automatically (SpeedShip™)
Built-in shipping & inspection forms
Invoicing integrated with AP
Multi-location picking per one ship line
Extensive traceability options
Back-track operation to source

RMA’s and Claims

Rejection management
Shipping & receiving non-conforming parts
Track rejections
Issue debit memo / credit memo tied to rejection
Ability to record reason and responsibility
Multiple types of rejections

System Administration

User setup
System tables
User-defined fields and definitions
User rights management
Labels and user-defined fields
Company setup parameters
System Tables – drop-down lists

Electronic Catalogue

Ability to list manufacturer catalog pricing
List price list
List excess inventory
List vendor capability lists
Extensive tie-ins throughout the system
Multi search capabilities
Extensive import options

Virtual Warehouse Manager

Create unlimited warehouses
Run reports and filtering against specific warehouses
May be used for tear-down management
Useful in Lot and Consignment Management
Virtual warehouse could be a plane, truck or section to be tracked in the physical warehouse
Useful in QA Quarantine management

Warehouse Transfers

Transfer parts between warehouses
Track parts between remote locations (in transit)
Keep traceability intact
Unlimited transfers between warehouses

Tools and Equipment Manager

Identify parts as tools
Track tools through the warehouse
Assign tools to jobs via Work Order

Contact Manager

Track phone calls to Customers & Vendors
Create To-Do lists
Assign categories to calls for quick filtering
Useful in tracking hot items, time-critical items
Transaction based call tracking system

Instant Messaging System

Allows users to instantly message other system users

Personal Rolodex

User personal Rolodex
Search, add and maintain names and other personal contact information

E-mail Local Server

Interface with local e-mail
Send each document in Pentagon via email
Ability to send in PDF format or Tiff format
High quality forms

Inter-Office E-Mail

E-mail within Pentagon to system users
Reply Option
Attachment Option
Mail Alerts

Bar-Coded Documents

All documents are Bar-Coded
Each document number has the equivalent Bar-code

Electronic Forms

All forms may be sent via e-mail
Forms may be sent via Fax
Forms may be viewed before sending

QA and ISO Ready

Support for ISO Procedures
Support for FAA procedures
Extensive support for QC Procedures and best practices
Helps companies achieve ISO certification with great ease

Add-On Modules

Accounting & Financials

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Advanced General Ledger tables
Check Writer
Customer/Vendor Performance tracking
Financial Report Writer
Bank Reconciliation
Extensive financial reports
Miscellaneous invoices
Automatic customer statements
Integrated with Sales
Integrated with Purchasing
Integrated with Work Orders
Integrated with A/C Maintenance
Integrated with Exchanges
Integrated with RMA(s)/Claim(s)
Extensive user defined options
Flexible periods setup (Up to 13 Periods)
Recurring Entries (G/L, A/P, A/R)
Multiple G/Ls by Company / Division / Department
Inter-Company transactions
Multi level profit center reporting
1099 Form management
Credit & Debit management
Automatic customer interest charge
Automatic payment discounts

Fixed Assets Management

Track unlimited asset types and depreciation schedules
Automatic depreciation calculation
Automatic generation of depreciation Journal Entries
Allows three types of depreciation: Straight line, Double Declining & Sum of year digits
Track salvage value and usage percentage
Track sales of Fixed Assets – Auto creation of sales invoices for sold assets

1099 Forms

For payment of independent contractors
List all vendors with 1099 forms
Create and recalculate 1099 forms in the G/L

Multi-Currency Management

Allows use of multiple currencies for calculation and G/L purposes
Convert from base currency to alternate with just one click

Salary Imports

Directly import salary data into Pentagon
Update Pentagon G/L with salary information
Expedite salary tracking, eliminate manual entry
Allows you to maintain a separate payroll system while still accounting in Pentagon quickly and easily


Credit Direct – Sell and receive payments using our credit card interface

For Point of Sale, instant credit processing
Secure interface for credit cards charges
Track and store customer’s encrypted credit card information
Check credit validation upon sales order entry
Charge customer credit card upon invoicing
Automatic creation of credit card receipts in Accounts Receivable

SPEC2000 – Export SPEC2000 Inventory and messages

Export Inventory to Spec2000 format
Export customer order changes, shipments and invoices to Spec2000 format
Import customer Purchase Orders
Track Spec2000 information in customer profile

Shipper Consolidator – Consolidate multiple shipments

Consolidate Sales Pick Tickets to one document
Consolidate Warehouse Transfers to one document
Consolidate Claims to one document
Consolidate Vendor repairs to one document
Generate bar coded consolidator forms in detail and summary format
Print consolidator barcode labels
Automatic creation of invoices from consolidator


Efficiently manage long term contracts with your customers

Track customer and vendor outright sell contracts
Import parts to a contract from text file
Define start/end dates for each contract, from order date or ship date
Track fixed/variable quantity/price per contract/period
Track releases per period
On-line consumption usage of parts
Automatic Price loading and notifications in documents

ATP – Available To Promise – Give your customer real-time, precise and accurate future availability

Real time access to future deliveries
Calculate availability at any given time
Show customer’s future demand based on contracts and open orders
Assist in making future purchasing decisions based on customer demands 

Shipping Manager

Fully integrated, multi-carrier shipping automation solution
Weigh, rate-shop, and route packages with a variety of major carriers
Automatically print shipping labels and documents
Tracking, reporting, notification, and insurance option features
Carriers include UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS among others.
Proven, reliable technology from a seasoned collaborative company


Work Order Modules
Work Order quotation
Job costing
Bill Of Materials
Assembly & Kits building
Integrated invoicing
Create invoice(s) from W/O
On-line history
On-line Operations history
Unlimited user defined cost categories
Internal connection to sales order
Easy expediting & tracking
Kits building report
On-line Cost & Profit Analysis
Variance analysis
W/O Traveler bar coded
Unlimited memo space
Bar Coded data collection capability
Outside services
Easy-to-use, menu driven
Parts availability report
Direct printing from W/O
On-line pricing history
On-line parts availability
Parts rejections and credits
Costs distribution
Cost statistics reports
Material Requisition Planning [MRP]
Due date tracking
Labor/Miscellaneous distribution
Routing templates
W/O history analysis
Time card data collection options
Integrated aviation forms
Work Order nesting (Work Order within a Work Order)
Progress billing (bill as you go)

Single Level: Simple process manufacturing, single assembly.

Pro Multi Level: Multiple assemblies; subassemblies within an assembly.  Primarily used for engine overhaul and similar applications.  Sub-work orders are all linked to the parent work order to track cost and labor.

Completions: For use in the refitting of an aircraft; keeps detailed records of the processes involved.

Tear Down Management

Designed to manage the tear down of main assemblies to use the components as spare parts
Offers traceability of components gained from tear down
Tracks costs associated with the tear down operation
Assign warranty vs. standard rates
Trace by customer or through work order

Process Manager

Track the progress of outside manufacturing processes. 
Allows for full traceability of parts and assemblies prepared by outside services.

ETS – Electronic Time Collection

Collect labor via bar code
Click-in, click-out system
Real-time labor collection

Shop Heartbeat™

View your shop labor hours performance in real time
Track planned hours VS actual hours
Set alert notifications by percentages or number of hours
Open multiple work orders heartbeat screens at the same time for complete visibility of your shop

Quick Receiver

Receive customer parts directly to a work order
Expedite receiving process and eliminate extra data entry
Create SO Receiver, Sales Order, and Work Order all with one click
Perfect for high volume repair processing



Build Kits with Bill of Materials (BOM)
Track cost and labor
Work Order Quotation
Job costing
Assembly & Kits building
Integrated invoicing
Create invoice(s) from W/O
On-line history
On-line Operations history
Unlimited user defined cost categories
Internal connection to sales order
Easy expediting & tracking
Kits building report
On-line Cost & Profit Analysis
Variance analysis
W/O Traveler bar coded
Unlimited memo space
Bar Coded data collection capability
Outside services
Easy-to-use, menu driven
Parts availability report
Direct printing from W/O
On-line pricing history
On-line parts availability
Parts rejections and credits
Costs distribution
Cost statistics reports
Material Requisition Planning [MRP]
Due date tracking
Labor/Miscellaneous distribution
Routing templates
W/O history analysis
Time card data collection options
Integrated aviation forms
Work Order nesting (Work Order within a Work Order)
Progress billing (bill as you go)


Assemblies via BOM
Track parts and labor
Linked with MS Project
Work Order Quotation
Job costing
Assembly & Kits building
Integrated invoicing
Create invoice(s) from W/O
On-line history
On-line Operations history
Unlimited user defined cost categories
Internal connection to sales order
Easy expediting & tracking
Kits building report
On-line Cost & Profit Analysis
Variance analysis
W/O Traveler bar coded
Unlimited memo space
Bar Coded data collection capability
Outside services
Easy-to-use, menu driven
Parts availability report
Direct printing from W/O
On-line pricing history
On-line parts availability
Parts rejections and credits
Costs distribution
Cost statistics reports
Material Requisition Planning [MRP]
Due date tracking
Labor/Miscellaneous distribution
Routing templates
W/O history analysis
Time card data collection options
Integrated aviation forms
Work Order nesting (Work Order within a Work Order)
Progress billing (bill as you go)

Maintenance-X and XL

Track and execute scheduled, on-condition and corrective maintenance
SQWKS/Cards Management (time & materials) (See below)
Fully integrated with aircraft maintenance tracking
Interfaced to Microsoft® Project
Record point-of-maintenance events
Integrated parts requisitions and parts booking
Labor overtime and shifts management
Assign labor and parts against specific Task/Card
Integrated with invoicing for progress billing
Wireless & RF data entry from maintenance line
Bar-Coded time collections
Produce unlimited, routine, non-routine job cards per aircraft
Integrated internal / external repair and overhaul modules
Equipment & Tools assignments
Complete on-line maintenance history
Run multiple aircraft maintenance activities simultaneously

For scheduled inspections and maintenance (cards), ability to carry out A – D Checks.  Has the ability to carry out SQWKS maintenance as well.

Only for Line Maintenance (SQWKS); X is a subset of the Maintenance-XL system.

Aircraft Records Keeping/Maintenance Tracking

MSG-3 compliance
Track hours, cycles, landings, calendar time
Produce inspections requirements
Track historical engine and components installations
Maintain modifications and maintenance history
Produce maintenance tasks due by date range
Track components warranty and expiration dates
Track Hard-time
Track all aircraft fleet under one system
Produce timely reports for all aircraft zones
Utilize ATA Chapters / Aircraft Zone and Sub-Zone
Integration with Accounting and Finance
Integration with Flight Operations
Torque Events tracking
RIN calculation & tracking
RHL calculation & tracking
Formula driven Cycles calculations
Auto-rotation calculation & tracking
Install & Remove procedures
Service Bulletins/Airworthiness Directives compliance tracking
Aircraft Configuration Management

Flight Operations

Complete Aircraft Fleet Management
Aircraft Registration (Model/Certificate/Weight/Balance, Etc...)
Flight Date / Departure / Destination / etc...
Flight Leg Info / Landings, etc...
Cargo / Passengers weights Information
Related MEL information
Flight Time Date / Leg
Aircraft servicing information
Advanced schedule for Pilot / Crew / Date / Time
DMI tracking
Complete integration with aircraft maintenance tracking
Auto-update of Components / Engines / Airframe etc...
Timely reports and statistics
Requirement forecasting
Misc. purchasing (food / beverage / appliances / etc)

ETS – Electronic Time Sheet

Real time labor collections
Support for wireless connectivity
Touch-screen Interface included
Easy to implement on shop floor
Click in/Click out concept
Record mechanic Labor live
Bar code operated
Ability to work on multiple tasks within one time slot
Ability to manage and close open sessions
Applied in 3-tier technology

Parts & Materials Requisition

Manage Requisition of materials from multiple Work Orders
One central location for all company’s requirements
One click PO/quote operation
Quick conversion from requisition to PO
Internal links to requisition owner
Auto-assign of parts upon receipt
Parts tracking and status
Auto-reserve of multiple parts based on user preferences

PartsRequestor™ – Request parts directly from the shop floor

Request parts for work orders with minimum data entry
Scan user/work order/part number bar codes, simplifying data entry
Full visibility of inventory availability upon parts request
Assign priorities to requested parts
Using 3 tier technology – thin client workstation 
Aircraft configuration

Maintain one template / configuration per aircraft model
Eliminate duplicate card / scope entry, one point of reference
Control serial number affectivity codes 
Track MEL parts
Track parts positions on aircraft for correct install/remove procedures.

Publications Manager

Maintain one reference point for publications: Manuals, Bulletins, AD’s, Drawings and Applications
Attach a single publication to multiple Part Numbers, Part Number/Serial number combination, Aircrafts, Engines, Aircraft Scopes and maintenance cards
Revision of a publication will affects all links automatically
Create temporary publications
Attach documents and scan documents directly to the publication


Fax Server

One central fax
Automatically sends faxes, no need to enter additional Info
Fax Log tracks all faxes by user
Run multiple fax servers per machine


Electronic Data Interchange
Import large lists into Pentagon
Customize file labor per Customer/Vendor
Covers: Quote/RFQ/Sales Order/Purchase Order


Send RFQ in XML Format
Vendors enter bids directly into file
Vendor e-mails file (xml) back to user
User upload responds back into originating RFQ
No data entry needed

User Security

Create user groups
Assign users to groups
Assign rights to groups
User inherits group’s rights
Extensive and detailed security settings
Multi Level – from main menu level down to field level blocking options
Option to block or hide
(Included with Advantage Series and above)

Label Master/Bar Codes

Multiple printing labels
Inventory Labels
Shipping Labels
Receiving Labels
Use queries and filters to print in a batch
All labels bar-coded
Specialty labels
Multi-size – multi-purpose labels
Mailing List labels
Customers & vendor labels
(Included with Advantage Series and above)

Data Dictionary

Database Schema; layout of the database tables
Details of all table and field descriptions
For use with Crystal Reports, etc.

Tool Calibration

Track tool calibration dates
Record test results
Run reports and forecast future calibrations

Employee Training

Create and schedule courses
Track employee certifications
Track employee attendance and ratings for courses
Executive Dashboard – Quick access to information for executives and managers

Maintain full visibility of your company’s performance in real time
Track profitability by part number, customer, sales person and more with a click of a mouse
Track inventory levels in real time
Track quality performances for customers and vendors
Track purchasing activities
Check financials in real time

Canadian & American custom invoice – Specialty documents

Print custom invoices from pick ticket, sales invoice or warehouse transfer
Control the parts values that will print on forms
Setup automatic printing of forms per customer

Time & Attendance (ETS-TA) – Track your employees attendance (hours, holidays, vacations)

Track employees attendance
Assign and track breaks, holidays and absences
Assign/Un-assign users to shifts
Track overtime hours
Generate time & attendance employee reports

Shipping Equalizer™

Maintain high quality standards with your customers by using the Equalizer
Match Pick Tickets to picked merchandise by bar code scanning
Make sure that the correct part is picked via double-check feature

BlueThunder – Application Server Series - Forms and documents printing services

Print all Pentagon documents and forms via the server printing services
Send the job to the printer and continue working while the server generates and prints the requested forms
Great timesaver and an overall speed improvement

SilverHawk™ E-Commerce

Setup to allow customers to see their relevant information via remote web log-in
Customers may log in to see the status of their:
Shipments and Invoices
Work Order progress and completion dates
Stock quantities, prices, and images
RFQs and Quotes
Purchase Orders
Allow customers to build kits
Password protected, each customer’s access level is determined by you

Demand Forecasting

Manufacturing Resource Planning Reports to aide in forecasting demand
Three types are available: Simple Average, Moving Average, and Exponential Smoothing

Language Translator

Print forms in different languages
Assign languages per customer
Languages are customizable, user-defined
Number of language licenses that can be purchased is unlimited

Phone Order Central

A single screen that provides full visibility of all sales processes for any given customer/vendor
View histories of Quotes, Sales, RFQ and Purchasing on a single screen
Also offers Stock and Warehouse information on the same screen
Enables cross-referencing of parts and capabilities listing
Allows tracking of work orders, offers, exchanges, electronic catalogues, repairs, kits, processes, and rejections
Linked with account financials
One central location for all aspects of sales


Mass sourcing for parts; query system history to determine possible suppliers
Required component to allow use of any external system interface (ILS, Partsbase, PartsLogistics, Aero Exchange,

ILS Interface

Post inventory with ILS (service)
Inquire with ILS as to who has the part

PartsLogistics Interface

Post inventory with PartsLogistics (service)
Inquire with PartsLogistics as to who has the part

Partsbase Interface

Post inventory with Partsbase (service)
Inquire with Partsbase as to who has the part Interface (IHS - Haystack)

Post inventory with (service)
A resource for parts data

Aeroxchange Interface – Interface with

List your inventory with
Import/Export Spec2000 XML orders directly to and From Pentagon

Exchanges Manager
From-Stock Exchanges
Brokered Exchanges
Integrated repair Order
On-Line Core Tracking
Integrated Sales Order
Integrated Purchase Order
Integrated RMA & Claim
Returns & Rejections
Exchange-To-Outright sale
On-line repair history
Easy expediting
On-line cost & profit analysis
Cores Reports/Expedite Reports
Send units with replacement parts
Cores cost tracking
Extensive G/L setup
Easy-to-use Exchange center
Serial tracking due dates
Reports & alerts
B.E.R handling
On-line pricing history
Extensive cost analysis
Power by the hour (Day/Week/Month/Year)
Loans and rentals
Repair statistics reports
Reminder notes
On-line cost history
Due date tracking
Repair reports
Auto letter core due
Receive converted P/N from repair
Extensive setup defaults
G/L Codes assignments per line

Outside Repairs Manager

Complete outside repair management for brokered repairs / from stock repairs / sales-to-repair
Fully integrated with Materials Management, Exchange Management and Accounting
Full part traceability maintained through PN and Serial No. conversions
Mixed repair and other types of transactions under a single order
Multiple repairs under a single repair order
Send replacement parts from stock or an outside Vendor with repair unit
Track all repair costs in multiple, user-defined categories – linked to General Ledger
Fully Barcode enabled, including labels
Comprehensive repair vendor profile including repair vendor performance tracking
On-line expediting, automatic follow-up, and Cores Due reporting
Transactions and valuations in multiple currencies
Accommodates local tax regulations
Full process and documentation support for ISO 9000 and other QA systems

Warranty Administration

Manage Component warranties
Track parts under warranty
Flag parts received for repair whether or not they are under warranty

Imaging & Multimedia
Scan any document into any Bin location
Multiple documents per Part/Location
Super fast document retrieval
Advanced compression algorithm
Attach drawing/specs to parts
Commercial and Military applications
Complete Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Simultaneous mouse and keyboard support
Attach certification doc(s) to Bin location
Operates in single/network environment
Scan documents directly from receiver
One step document scanning and storage
Advanced image manipulation
Extensive printer support
Image zooming capability
Fax/Print any scanned document!
High quality/resolution printing
Object oriented software design
Real time TRACEABILITY tracking
User-friendly printing options
Imaging X: Stores images linked to part numbers.

Imaging XL: System-wide paperless office, allows for scanning any document and linking to any part of Pentagon.

Bill of Materials (BOM)
Unlimited assemblies per component
Multiple higher assemblies
Inherited tree structure to other BOM
Unlimited piece parts per assembly
Copy structure from one BOM to another
Unlimited variations and configurations of BOM
View in list or tree format
Integrated with Work Orders
Replacement parts availability on each level
Print BOM with/without bar codes
Unlimited subassembly levels
Lot Purchase Manager
Management of multiple purchased lots
Unlimited, segregated lots
Automated lot costing with override
Linked to G/L entries
Track taxes
Full traceability throughout system
Calculate sale price vs. cost
Consignment Manager
Linked to G/L entries
Automatic line update upon receiving
Track percentage of sale price split
Track taxes
Full traceability throughout system
Management of multiple consigned inventories
Unlimited, segregated consigned inventories
Electronic import of consigned inventories
Barcode enabled

Offers Manager

Allows you to track offers that can be linked to suppliers, part numbers, and documents (i.e.: unofficial quotes)
Create RFQ from the offers list
Provides the ability to import offers from customers or vendors
Track offers without affecting your list prices

Pentagon PDA Series – Mobile inventory control through wireless PDA devices

Wireless support for inventory cycle counts
Support bar code attachments
Simplifies inventory physical counts
Increases accuracy through bar coding
Environmentally friendly reduction of paperwork
Real-time updates improves productivity
*Many future applications for the PDA Series are in the works*


MetalsMaster™ – Manage the complexity of metals and raw materials

Raw Material Management of Sheets/Plates/Rods/Bars/etc.
Raw Materials Cutting Screens and Automated Calculation Tables
Flexible “Material Left Over” Management
Raw Materials Scrap/Loss Calculations and Management
Automated Calculation of “Cut Charges”
Extensive Unit of Measure (UM) Conversions – Buy / Sell Under Any Unit of Measure
Automated Weight Calculation Based on Density / Length
Manufacturer’s Heat Number and Lot Number Tracking
Flexible Part Numbers Formatting
Tracking of Grade, Thickness, Forging, Shapes, Size, Alloy Types and more
Integrated Support for Outside services: NDT Testing, Plating, Anodizing and more



Material Certification: Descriptive page for selling parts

NMR-QC: Non-Conforming Material Report (QA in Claims)

Hazardous Material: Shipping Hazardous Materials

Bill of Lading/SLI: For shipping overseas

FAA 8130-3: Airworthiness Approval Tag

FAA 8110-3: Statement of Compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations

FAA 337: Major Repair and Alteration

EASA FORM ONE: (European FAA 8130-3 equivalent)

TC 24-0078: (Canadian FAA 8130-3 equivalent)

T700 COC: Alternate Release Form

ATA Spec 106: Form created by the ATA (similar to the 8130-3, for selling parts)

DD Form 250: Material Inspection and Receiving Report

DD Form 1387: Military Shipment Label

DD Form 1149: Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document