PENTAGON 2000 MRO Aviation Software and Electronic Software - Support

Technical support is an excellent way to maximize the investment in Pentagon 2000 Software. The Pentagon Technical Support staff is a team of product experts who provide extensive product support. Annual support agreements are available and provide access to this ongoing product and solution support, free software upgrades with remote assistance supplied via the internet, e-mail and toll-free phone.

Upgrades and patches are available through the Support Page to registered Pentagon 2000 SQL users. A username and password (required to access the download page) may be obtained by e-mailing us at

Requests for Enhancement, a customer requested changes, can also be submitted through the Support Page.

Training schedules and class registration can be found on the Support Page, local hotels are listed that may be used when attending training. Numerous additional helpful links are accessible that can enhance the benefits gained from using Pentagon 2000 SQL.